Sushi or すし is a staple Japanese food,
now available and enjoyed by many across the globe.
But what makes a good sushi?

Japanese tradition of eating sushi

S ushi has a longstanding history in Japan. From each rice grain to the seafood cut, the Japanese takes them very seriously.

There is this famous saying in Japan, "飯炊き3年握り8年", which means "learning to cook the rice takes 3 years, and another 8 years to master the art of rice moulding". To make the perfect sushi, intense concentration and passion are essential for a sushi chef.

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E ating sushi is another knowledge all to itself. Sushi should be enjoyed in the ascending order of richness,

1. White-meat fishes such as seabream and flounder,
2. Fishes with shiny skin,
3. Red-meat tuna Toro,
4. Flavourful seafood like sea urchin, salmon roe, tuna belly,
5. Sushi with seaweed such as Temaki and egg.

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Sashimi & Sushi Moriawase

Teishoku Lunch Set

Japanese Casual Dining

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